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Rat and Rodent Control


Menance due to rats etc. need not be told. By baiting, slow poisoning,using special

glues,repelents etc. we try to minimise the population of these animals. This

process is to be continued for sufficient period since we have to fight with these

animals having developed intelligence. All these services are carried out by experts

and using only the best chemicals and the best methods.



   It is always better to prevent the rats to enter the constructed premises. It could be done by sealing the incoming wiring points or conducts. You may use glass wool wherever essential to close the inlets. This particular mammal has got very developed brains. Mice are very intelligent and smart. They will find out their unconventional ways in search of food.


The Treatment Process is as follows.


  1. Put fine chicken mesh from the external portion of the windows exhaust fans etc. so that it will restrict the entry of the rats from the windows.

  2. The underground cable ducting should neatly be covered.

  3. The entering points of the cables in the machines, or in the constructed area should be sealed with POP or with Glass Wool to restrict the rat entries.

  4. The surrounding area of the constructed portion should be kept clean.

  5. Unwanted material, grass, garbage should be removed immediately. This will minimize the hiding and harboring places of the rats.

  6. To make a small hump very near to the lower portion of the shutters will also restrict the entry of the unwanted guests. 

  7. Using our expertise, we will minimize the problem by baiting methods, using traps, glue pads etc.