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 Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment


The Termites can appear in the house also. In this method (British Method) we drill holes by drilling machine, inject powerful anti termite chemicals and then seal them. In this case, waste no time in calling us. We shall treat the area by the best method. This treatment  is called as major treatment followed by check-up services during the period.






The Treatment Process is as follows.


  1. We will be drilling holes at the bottom.

  2. The holes will be drilled at the junctions of walls, columns that are at the bottom of the skirting keeping approximately one foot gap in-between two       holes.

  3. The holes will be injected with powerful anti termite emulsion using water base and sealing them.

  4. After drilling and sealing that particular area will be sprayed thoroughly and evenly.

  5. At the same time we will be treating the periphery of the building, the ducts etc with water base emulsion.

  6. Our spraying service is also effective against all General Pest in the premises.

  7. Drilling and sealing is to be undertaken for the prevention of new termites and the spraying is to be undertaken for the eradication of the existing        problem.

  8. High power drilling machine will be used to carry out the drilling activity and air pressure pumps will be used to carry out the spraying operations.