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Pre-Construction Anti termite Treatment.


  White ants eat up everything  they can; wood ,paper,clothes upholstery and cellulosic material would just vanish in few days.The danger from them can be for the entire concrete building also. The ideal way is to treat the area right from the excavation of the area by our Preconstruction  Anti-termite   Treatment. This treatment is carried out in stages as per BIS standards and we follow the same.




The Treatment Process is as follows.



Stage – I :

  1.Treating  the top surface of the field earth with the chemical emulsion before PCC or RCC.

  2.Treating at the junction of columns and beams. @ 5 Lts/m2.

  3.Roding  may be carried out in the plinth surface to facilitate absorption of the  emulsion.

  4.For  the basement, treating the complete excavated ground before PCC or RCC.



Stage – 2 :

  1.Making trench if necessary and treating around the external periphery of the building.

  2.Treating at the junctions of walls and earth fillings.

  3.For the Basement, treating the in between area of Paddy and soil.

  4.We also use Anti-Termite Granules for more protection.