Rid-O-Pest Control Services

Rid-O-Pest Control since 1986 with a vision of becoming the largest and most preferred service provider with unique solutions to daily countless pest control services problems in residence, commercial and institutional. Our approach is to use the Advanced pest control services techniques with new generation environmentally safe and approved products.

Pre-Construction Anti termite Treatment.

White ants eat up everything they can; wood ,paper,clothes upholstery and cellulosic material would just vanish in few days.The danger from them can be for the entire concrete building also. The ideal way is to treat the area right from the excavation of the area by our Preconstruction Anti-termite Treatment. This treatment is carried out in stages as per BIS standards and we follow the same.

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Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment

The Termites can appear in the house also. In this method (British Method) we drill holes by drilling machine, inject powerful anti termite chemicals and then seal them. In this case, waste no time in calling us. We shall treat the area by the best method. This treatment is called as major treatment followed by check-up services during the period.

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Wood Preservation Treatment

Insects like wood-borers eat your wooden furniture. These insects vanish by our wood preservation treatment. In this case waste no time in calling us, as soon as you plan to make furniture. Treat the outer surface by spraying methods for longer period and relax; avoiding any further damage to costly wooden material.

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General Pest Control (General disinfestation)

Other than spraying on cockroaches, fogging methods are adopted for cockroach control. Only for cockroach control odorless baiting of gel is undertaken. Small dots of the gel is applied in the infested area. Other than cockroaches for other pest spraying or fogging methods are adopted for this eco-friendly safe,odorless pesticides are used. You need not empty the premises or keep it closed after the service.

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Rat and Rodent Control

Menace due to rats etc. need not be told. By baiting, slow poisoning,using special glues,repelents etc. we try to minimise the population of these animals. This process is to be continued for sufficient period since we have to fight with these animals having developed intelligence. All these services are carried out by experts and using only the best chemicals and the best methods.

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